How do I use

RefugeeMaps helps you find donation activities, fundraisers and events by location. Clicking on each marker brings up an information window that leads you to a website or Facebook page where you can interact with the event’s organisers to get more information.

I want to donate a specific item. Where can I go?

Volunteer groups have donation requirements that change frequently. Please search for your postcode or city on the map, click on the markers close to you to contact the organisers and get this information.

How can I add my event to a map?

If you would like your event to appear on the map you can email details to We will promote large events and activities on social media.

Is RefugeeMaps crowd-sourced?

While the original map had crowd-sourced beginnings, all locations and events on the map are compiled by the RefugeeMaps team.

What is the accuracy of the data?

We try to keep map up to date and remove expired events frequently. We use the location or address stated in the event description. Where these details are not provided, the location is pinned to a nearby open area or a park.

What will you do with personal data?

Personal data is not published on the map.

Where are you based? is based in London.

How are you funded? is funded by the co-founders.

Can I contribute to your blog?

Our blog aims to research and understand the geopolitics of the refugee crisis. If you are a humanitarian or political writer and wish to contribute, please send us an email at